Just last year, Samsung released its 49” CHG9 gaming monitor to a good deal of critical acclaim. Now they’ve one-upped themselves with the CRG9 – a 49” gaming monitor that marries the CHG9’s widescreen display with beautiful 1440p resolution.

The first thing you might notice is how wide this monitor is; it’s 49” across diagonally, with an aspect ratio of 32:9. The screen is curved, too, creating an immersive gaming experience providing high peripheral vision.

Image quality promises to outshine its competitors, too. Resolution is an insanely high 5120×1440 resolution, paired with 120Hz refresh rate and HDR 100. Samsung uses a proprietary Quantum Dot technology, which helps produce vibrant colors with minimal bleeding. 120Hz refresh isn’t quite 144Hz, but still holds its own on ultra-high settings.

Samsung CRG9 Side monitor

While the CRG9 really shines in gaming, it’s great for desktop use as well; it basically gives you as much sceen as 2 16×9 monitors but without that annoying bezel in the middle – which means you can easily have Spotify, Discord, a couple browser pages, and the livestream of your choice up simultaneously. HDMI input, 2 DisplayPorts, headphone and mic jack and several USB ports round out the package, with cable management slots hiding the tangle of cords all those I/O options might present.

The price tag might scare you off at first, but if you value having the ultimate gaming experience and have the money to burn… you can hardly find a better monitor.