Got a need for speed? Then you really ought to get the Waylens Horizon. This baby is the tool you’ve been missing from your dash, a camera that records out your windshield at 1080p and 60fps, with a max aperture of f2.4 and 157 degree wide-angle. You can also record in slow-mo, 120 FPS at 720p, and time-lapse video as well. It then lets you edit, tweak and share that footage to your hearts content. An OLED display lets you see your data and dashboard in real time, and Waylens new CMOS sensor performs excellent in low-light.

But the Waylens is more than just a fancy GoPro. The camera includes a 20hz GPS, 9-axis motion sensor and built-in software that are capable of recording your vehicles o-30 and 0-60 times, among a host of other cool features and performance tracking modes, helping you ensure your car is the full-fledged track beast you knew it was.

In addition, the Horizon has an OBD-II transmitter, which lets you read your vehicles diagnostic codes – a nice plus – and a remote control, and connects to your smartphone via app, so you can control and monitor it remotely.

If testing your cars limits and having some fun with it is something you love doing, then the Waylens Horizon makes a worthy addition to your dashboard. Pick one up and head out for the nearest track – or just play around with it in traffic. Driving just got a whole lot more fun.

Waylens Horizon Features and Specs

  • 157-degree, wide-angle camera records in 1080p/60fps
  • 720p 120fps for slow-motion, timelapse
  • Auto start and stop with engine
  • Advanced image processing including motion compensated 3d noise reduction, lens shading reduction
  • Measures and records speed and performance data in real time
  • OBD-II transmitter
  • Remote Control
  • Connects to Mobile App For Remote Control and Recording
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