When it comes to winter wardrobe, most people either love sweaters or can’t stand them. Nonetheless, these warm pieces of clothing are indispensable during the cold, winter months.

As we all know, sweaters come in all shapes and sizes. Likewise, manufacturers use different materials, such as wool or cashmere. So, how to find the best model for your needs?

Well, we examined the qualities of the five best sweaters for men in 2020. Here is what we learned.

Why should you buy a sweater in the first place?

Before we proceed with reviewing the top sweater models, we should quickly revisit the basics. In other words, we wanted to remind you of the need for this piece of men’s wardrobe.

First of all, the modern-day sweaters are warm and cozy. As such, they can protect you during the winter and provide excellent heat retention.

At the same time, these men’s wardrobe accessories can be stylish and elegant. What’s more, sweaters tend to give out a vintage feel, alongside a gentlemanly vibe. Thus, they are a must-have, if you consider yourself a man of style. Without further ado, here are the models that will make you look handsome and keep you warm at the same time.

  1. Patagonia Men’s Recycled Wool Sweater

The first entry on our list comes from a well-established brand. As you probably know, Patagonia offers a massive array of outdoor gear as well as high-quality clothing lines. Well, the lovely-looking Patagonia Men’s Recycled Wool Sweater is another example of how this company always strives towards excellence.

In other words, this crew-neck sweater combines recycled wool with durable nylon. As such, the material feels soft, and it reduces itchiness. Fully fashioned armholes and the turned-back cuffs are also essential elements of this sweater. Plus, Patagonia offers three types of stitching for this model: 7-gauge jersey, jersey jacquard, and fisherman.

All in all, Patagonia Men’s Recycled Wool Sweater is an elegant and uniquely designed piece of clothing. Also, it might surprise you how warm and heavy it is. Of course, like all wool sweaters, this one is also prone to pilling. But, this issue will not affect the functionality or the aesthetics because it can be solved with ease. So, if you are an Eco-conscious gentleman, recycled wool sweaters from a prestigious brand such as Patagonia might be right up your alley.

  1. Faherty Cashmere Blend Crewneck

Faherty is another company that focuses on high-quality craftsmanship. For that reason, some of their products might come with a steep price tag. Yet, this is not the case with the Faherty Cashmere Blend Crewneck, one of the best sweaters on the market.

Established in 2013 by twin brothers Alex and Mike, Faherty is all about comfort and style. For instance, this particular sweater combines wool and cashmere. These two natural elements provide this item with softness and warmth. To be precise, wool takes up 70% of the mix while the other 30% of the blend goes to cashmere. The 2-ply knit is durable and lightweight, but it is also perfect for the cold days.

On top of that, this sweater comes with subtle ribbing at the collar and cuffs. So, you will not only feel warm, but you will look handsome as well. Despite its luxurious aesthetics, this sweater is affordable and convenient. Faherty recommends hand washing to protect the sensitive cashmere fibers. Also, we suggest using the Faherty Cashmere Blend Crewneck as a layer over flannels during the long winter months. The sleek and elegant design of this sweater makes it suitable for a wide array of occasions.

  1. Orvis Newbridge Donegal Crew

Believe it or not, the origins of Orvis go back to 1856! In the early days, this Vermont-based company was focused on fishing equipment. Over the years, Orvis evolved into a global leader in the fly-fishing sector. Nowadays, this privately-owned company offers a wide array of products, including men’s sportswear and hunting gear.

In essence, Orvis loves the wild, and that is why Orvis Newbridge Donegal Crew is the perfect sweater for hiking or fishing. Available in four sizes, this well-made product will keep you warm no matter what. Of course, the secret lies in the use of pure wool, which is one of the best insulators in nature. At the same time, this sweater will let you move around with ease.

Nonetheless, the essential characteristic of the Orvis Newbridge Donegal Crew sweater is the stylish design. What we mean by this is that Donegal replicates the authentic Irish spirit. The classic cut of this sweater includes rib trim finishes on neck, hem, and cuffs. Plus, the tweed yarn weaves provide a quintessential Irish feel. That’s why this sweater comes with rugged charm and the ability to weather the cold. In essence, this model is perfect for windy or rainy days.

  1. Nordstrom Half-zip Cotton and Cashmere Pullover

Now, for something a bit different, we will take a look at the Nordstrom Half-zip Cotton and Cashmere Pullover. Available in two colors, black caviar and navy iris, this piece of men’s clothing is eye-catching and attractive. As such, it well-deserves a spot on the list of the best men’s sweaters for 2020.

Nordstrom is another renowned brand, and the roots of the company go back to 1901. To be precise, this high-end chain first started as a shoe store. During the 1960s, Nordstrom added a women’s clothing line into the mix. These days, they also make premium men’s wear, which is visible from the qualities of the Half-zip Cotton and Cashmere Pullover. This lightweight piece of clothing is as stylish as it gets. Moreover, this pullover comes with extra room in the chest area. Thus, you will look handsome, even if you do not visit the gym regularly.

The front zip closure is functional and sturdy, while the cashmere-softened fabric feels fantastic. Of course, the Nordstrom Half-zip Pullover comes equipped with ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem. In the end, we should also mention that this item is machine-washable.

  1. Aymara Eddy Cardigan

In the end, we are taking you down to the snowy mountains of Peru, where the young company Aymara has its HQ. But even though it has only a decade of experience, this brand knows how to make high-quality clothes. The attention to detail is also visible from the Aymara Eddy Cardigan, a vintage-style piece of clothing that provides unmatched protection during winter.

Sustainably-sourced alpaca fibers are the foundation of this model. Of course, as a cardigan, it features a classic silhouette. Admittedly, many will find this design old-fashioned and outdated. However, cardigans are back, big time, and they can be an excellent accessory for holiday parties or winter weekends. Of course, you will need to grow some cojones to ditch the stereotypes and wear the Aymara Eddy Cardigan with pride.

The alpaca wool offers excellent breathability, together with top-notch heat retention. This model also comes with five cool-looking buttons. Plus, the ribbed cuffs, waistline, placket and lapel will add to the overall aesthetics of the Aymara Eddy. All in all, this attention-grabbing piece of clothing exceeded our expectations. If you decide to wear it, you could also be in for a pleasant surprise.