By using the right boxing glove size and weight, you can improve your skill and also your safety. It’s also important to make sure you have the right boxing glove style. As a beginner, choosing the right size gloves can seem like a very daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A pair of boxing gloves is essential gear for those who want to box!

How to Pick the Right Size Boxing Gloves

The right fit of boxing gloves will be snug on your hand, offering ample wrist support without cutting off your blood flow. You’ll need three measurements to figure out the right size boxing gloves.

To determine which size boxing gloves you need, you’ll need to know: your height, your body weight, and the circumference of your hand. Of these three measurements, the circumference of your hand is the most important indicator.

To find this measurement, you need to get a fabric tape measure and use it to measure your circumference just under your knuckles, around your open, dominant hand. If you don’t have a fabric tape measure, you can wrap a string around your hand and then measure it. Just make sure that the string or tape measure meets in the middle of your palm.

Your fingers should reach the top of the compartment, not leave any space left over, and they should feel comfortable. It’s advised that you try any boxing gloves that you wish to buy with your hand wraps on underneath. Gloves that fit without them will likely be too tight.

What are the Different Kinds of Gloves?

Boxing gloves range from 6oz. youth mitts to 20oz. heavyweight mitts. But not all boxing gloves are created equal. There are different styles of boxing gloves for different kinds of boxing, as well as different weights of gloves for different fighting divisions and weight classes. It’s to your benefit to do your research and make sure you use the appropriate boxing gloves at all times.

1. Bag gloves

If you plan on just boxing at home, bag gloves are what you’re looking for. These boxing gloves are made to be used on a punching bag because they have less padding on the knuckles.

Bag gloves allow the fighters to feel the impact of their blows and be able to gauge whether or not their form is correct. Bag gloves can be used on speed bags, heavy bags, pads, and any other kind of punching training device.

2. Training gloves

These are the first kind of boxing gloves that you should buy when you’re first starting out in the sport. Every boxer should have a pair of sparring gloves in their locker because of their versatility. These gloves are suitable for sparring and for doing bag work, but they aren’t specifically for either activity. They provide tons of support and are great for novices and experts alike.

3. Sparring gloves

Sparring gloves are only used for sparring, specifically. They have a lot of padding to protect the boxer and the sparring partner. Sparring gloves will be the same size as training gloves, but they are lighter and can help improve technique and basic skills.

4. Competition boxing gloves

These are the heavier boxing gloves. Competition gloves have less padding than the others because they’re designed to let your opponent feel every hit.

There are two different levels of competition boxing gloves; amateur gloves and professional gloves. The two types of boxing glove styles here are sized by weight division, and the amateur is more closely regulated because there are stricter rules at that level.

Amateur boxing vs Professional boxing

Now before you go out and buy the same size gloves as your favorite boxer, make sure that you understand the difference between amateur fights and professional fights. This includes rules and regulations surrounding gloves; you might not need or qualify to use the same weight of glove.

Amateur boxing gloves come in three sizes: light welterweight – 10oz gloves, welterweight to heavyweight 12oz gloves, and Masters Division – 16oz gloves.

Professional boxing gloves come in two sizes: welterweight and under – 8oz gloves and super welterweight and up – 10oz gloves.

– How tight should my gloves be?

Your gloves should not be so tight that it cuts off your circulation or causes any discomfort. They must fit snugly but comfortably over your hand wraps without cramping your fingers.

Your gloves should feel comfortable but be aware that there will be an adjustment period; despite them being the right fit, they might feel weird for a while.Will I need hand wraps?

Hand wraps are an essential part of your gear. They help stabilize your wrist and prevent any injury, and they also provide extra padding for your knuckles.

– What material gloves should I buy?

Gloves basically come in two materials; vinyl and leather. Most sanctioned boxing bodies will require leather gloves, although you can buy vinyl gloves.

Vinyl gloves are much cheaper than genuine leather ones, but they aren’t as durable, so they don’t last as long. Vinyl also requires less upkeep than genuine leather does.

If genuine leather is too pricey for your tastes, you can also buy gloves made from synthetic leather. It isn’t as durable as genuine leather, however.

– Are boxing gloves with laces or velcro better?

Laces will offer a tighter fit and better wrist support, but they’re less convenient than velcro because you need someone else to actually lace you up.

Velcro provides just as tight and secure fit without the added hassle. Professional boxers typically use lace gloves because they have help on hand.

– Which are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

The brand will play a big part in making the best choices for beginners. The wrong boxing gloves can be detrimental to a boxing career or personal health.

Regardless of the brand, training gloves are the best boxing gloves for beginners or newcomers to the sport. Do some research into what brand suits your needs and price range, and go from there. Always consult a size guide if you feel unsure.

Some brands that are known to have the best boxing gloves for beginners are; Rival, Ringside, and Title. As a beginner, it’s best for you to actually shop in person so you can try them on. If you’re unable to do that and are doing your shopping online, make sure to consult a size guide.

– Is it necessary to use boxing gloves?

Yes, it is. Boxing gloves can improve your performance as a boxer, but they’re most important as protective gear. They’re also a fun way to show your own personality through color and design.

It’s best to use boxing gloves because they will protect your hand and your wrist, preventing any serious injury. Similarly, having the wrong size boxing glove on can cause serious injury.

– How do I take care of my gloves?

Don’t toss your boxing gloves in the washing machine, or try to wash them by hand. This can cause damage to the gloves and make them less durable in the long run. Similarly, don’t leave them in the sun or expose them to high heat because that can also cause damage, such as cracks.

Regularly wipe the gloves down with anti-bacterial wipes, dry them with paper towels, and don’t leave them in a gym bag or locker. The moisture from the sweat can develop into an odor if the gloves aren’t stored properly.

– What brands do the professionals use?

Of course, you’re probably wondering what brands the great of the sport use and whether or not they’re the brand for you. Their gloves are definitely at a higher price point than I would suggest for a beginner, but it’s something to work towards.

Floyd Mayweather typically uses Grant or Winning boxing gloves. Manny Pacquiao typically uses Cleto Reyes and Winning boxing gloves. Vasyl Lomachenko typically uses Rival and Winning boxing gloves. Canelo Alvarez uses Everlast and Winning boxing gloves.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to find the best boxing gloves for beginners, it’s much simpler than it looks. All you really need to know is what kind of gloves you need and then your three measurements. The hardest part will be picking which colors you want, if you follow this guide!