If, at first glance, you aren’t sure what sets the MUUL Ruckbucket apart from so many other insulated coolers and backpacks, you’re not alone. But as soon as you see the price tag and the tagline, maybe you’ll know why: you can get it for as little as $99, and according to MUUL themselves, it “puts those overpriced watertight packs and coolers to shame.”

So why call itself a bucket and not just a cooler? Because it’s meant to hold anything you could possibly need to bring out on a trip with you, and not just a cooler. Fishing tackle? Easy. Firewood? Not a problem. 5 gallons of ice? Load ‘er up.

Taking their inspiration from “beer koozie technology,” The Ruckbucket consists of a foodsafe, industrial bucket wrapped in a 500D Cordura shell with MOLLE straps for modular customization, and tough shoulder straps for carrying comfortably on your back. Inside, is a 5-gallon cooler for stashing ice, drinks, and food for days out on the trail – Summer Rated, they call it.

Furthermore, it’s entirely waterproof and crushproof. You can use is it as a comfortable, sturdy seat for fishing or around the campfire; it’s even strong enough to function as a motorcycle stand. Bet you won’t find a lot of other coolers that can do that.

And did we mention it’s cheap? Starting at $99, this cooler is significantly cheaper than most other heavy-duty camping coolers and will give them a run for their money. It’s currently available on Kickstarter and will go into production real soon….they’re also offering some sweet package deals if you feel like pledging even more support, like a full-day of guided Oregon dirt biking with dirt bike pros.

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