A Venmo Debit Card…?

The Venmo app already made paying back our friends unbearably simple (it’s like Paypal, but even simpler, and easier), and this new Venmo debit card is going to take that one step further. Now, you can pay for things with the money directly in your Venmo account, anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. It’s literally just a debit card hooked up to your Venmo account.

The app even tracks your purchases to ensure you know exactly how much was spent, and you can still split tabs and bills between you and your friends. Easy. You can even disable or enable the card directly from the app, in case you lose it, and you can even take money out at certain ATMS.

Oh, and since this is Venmo, it works with all kinds of touch readers – no need to slide or insert the card, simply tap it and go.

Sounds like a perfectly easy way to share and move money to us. But if you want one, you better get in line; the Venmo debit card is a limited release only. You can get one through the app right now.