While we’re certainly no strangers to minimalist wallets, some really stick out compared to others. Anybody can design a slim wallet, a card sleeve, or a tactical wallet that looks cool and is smaller than the bulky old bifolds that should have been obsolete ten years ago. But few deliver the whole package as smoothly as Secrid does.

Secrid was started by a husband and wife team who, with years of experience in the ad and design industries, decide to create a wallet that took the best of industrial design and leather craftmanship and combined them into a flawless, modern design. In fact, they spent 20 years honing their wallet designs, and the result is a line of sleek, gorgeous and still incredibly functional wallets.

The Secrid Miniwallet is their original, and in Secrid’s opinion, their most versatile. It’s slim, at only 16mm, but with plenty of room – enough for 4 embossed cards or 6 flat ones in the main compartment, as well as 4 extra ones. There’s also room for a few banknotes, business cards, and receipts.

The wallet is made from full-grain European cowhide, sourced and tanned in either Holland, Germany or Italy, and features a button-end closure that keeps it firmly closed when you want it to be. It comes in a wide variety – and we mean wide – of styles and finishes, ranging from Original or Vintage to Rango, Nile and Dutch Martin. Even Cubic or Prism, which are 3d embossed. No shortage of different appearances to fit your own style. (We’ll stick with the classic Vintage brown).

Oh, and the best part: the Miniwallet features an aluminum casing which prevents it from bending and protects your cards, and a spring-loaded push mechanism that lets you slide the cards in and out smoothly and easily.

Finally, Secrid builds RFID protection into all their wallets, so your card numbers and personal data are safe at all times.

It’s really not hard to see why Secrid won a Red Dot Award, which awards the best, most innovative new ideas in design. We’re impressed, and you will be too. The Miniwallet is a beautiful, sleek wallet that is engineered to perfection, and will make a fantastic improvement over whatever cheap bulky thing sits in your pocket all day.

Secrid-Miniwallet-Open-Brown Secrid-Miniwallet-Open-Brown-2 Secrid-Miniwallet-Open-Brown-3a