Making the switch to a pellet grill is one way to instantly up your grilling or smoking game while also effectively streamlining the process; pellets burn smoother, cleaner and more reliably than charcoal or wood, and are much easier to work with, while still imparting a distinct woody smoke flavor. Traeger has always been considered the undisputed king of pellet smokers, and their newest portable pellet grill just solidifies that fact.

The Ranger certainly isn’t the first portable pellet grill we’ve seen, but it might just be the best; it lets you take the convenience and ease of the Pellet Experience with you, almost anywhere you want to go. It starts with the 184-square inch cooking area, providing enough room for 1 rib rack, 6 burgers or 10 hot dogs., and continues with the integrated Digital Arc Controller, which lets you set the grill temp in increments of 5 degrees. “Advanced Grilling Logic” ensures accuracy and precision, while a smart Keep Warm mode means your food is always hot-off-the-grill, even if it was done hours ago.

There’s an integrated meat probe for reading the meat’s internal temperature while the lid is closed, and a built-in cook timer. The entire grill setup is designed for easy cooking and cleanup, with non-stick, porcelain-coated grates and even an included cast-iron griddle for when you want to make some eggs and bacon at the campsite. Finally, the 8-lb. hopper holds enough pellets for several hours of cooking.

At $400, the Ranger certainly ain’t cheap (but what Traeger is?) Nor is it light, coming in at a not-too-shabby 60 pounds. But if you want the smartest, easiest, best-tasting grilling experience possible at the campsite, the beach or the tailgate, this is the portable pellet grill you’re looking for.

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