Standing out in the world of smart watches takes effort. You’ve got your pick, whether it’s Apple. Nike. Apple and Nike. Or something a little more obscure. But none of them are exactly like the Matrix PowerWatch X, because none of them charge with nothing more than your body heat.

Yes, believe it or not. The Matrix charges using nothing more than your body heat to complete a charge, which means you never have to remove it from your wrist. The first version, released a few years back, didn’t really have any smartwatch capabilities, but the new Matrix PowerWatch X does. It features the usual smart watch features – phone connectivity, notifications, activity tracking, calorie count, etc. In fact, that activity tracking is much more accurate than your typical smart watch, as by using the same body heat and thermoelectric technology that charges the battery, the watch is able to accurately count calories based on your height and weight. Don’t ask us how it works, but it does.

The watch case is made of a rugged, aircraft-grade aluminum, with changeable watch faces that you can choose to your liking. It’s water resistant down to 50 meters, which means you actually take it swimming – and other water sports – in addition to handling hiking, rain, and daily chores without batting eye. The body is tough and rugged and built to take a beating. It also has as sleep monitor built in, keeping track of your sleep duration and quality.

Sync the PowerWatch with your iPhone and Android, and control it via the Matrix app. You can even keep track of how much energy – in electricity – you generated during the day through body heat. Pretty cool. You can use Apple HealthKit and Google Fit seamlessly.

At $279, it’s plenty affordable for a smartwatch. You won’t have all the same smart features of an Apple Watch, say, but if staying active, going anywhere, and never having to charge it are your main priorities, the Matrix PowerWatch delivers.

Buy - $249.00
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