Forget office chair races. Office toys turn any office into a battlefield of fun. Office toothpick wars aren’t for the faint at heart. The CZYY Toothpick Crossbow is a great way to liven up that afternoon cubical boredom or just wreck havoc on that annoying co-worker.

The kit requires some assembly but is nothing for the DIY person. Once assembled, just add the toothpick, pull back the string, and let her fly. Do you want to go easy on certain targets? The CZYY Toothpick Crossbow can also shoot Q-tips. Either way, this is sure to stir up some afternoon fun around the office. If you decide people aren’t the target, then try a game of office darts and see who is the master of the bullseye.

Features of the CZYY Toothpick Crossbow

  • Recommended for ages 6+ and up
  • Handmade, all stainless steel design
  • Shooting range: 33-49 meters
  • Spare bow strings are available for purchase
  • Length: 4.72 inches
  • Width: 3.9 inches

Set the Toothpick Crossbow on your desk as a decoration and send a message of power!

CZYY Toothpick Crossbow Toys