When it comes to blades, few names go as far back as Boker. The Boker family can trace their history of crafting precision cutlery to 1829, and has been located in the capital of German cutlery, Solingen, since the 1860’s. So when you purchase a Boker blade, you’re purchasing one of the best in the business.

The King Cutter is as classic a straight razor as you will find, with a 5/8”, made from the absolute best in non-stainless Solingen carbon steel; Boker uses a special silver steel alloy that makes the blade both hard and a bit elastic. The blade is handmade and dropforged, with an extra-hollow grind and ridge, and Spanish round point, that let you get all the fine detailing and edging on every shave. The authentic Boker chestnut ree stamp is engraved on there, proving your blade is undeniably Boker, and adds some historical flair. The 5/8” size is the standard for straight razors – perfectly honed for a close shave every time, and good at refining and holding an edge with a good razor strap.

The pearl white handle (there is a black version, too) is made of moisture-resistant synthetic, created to give the appearance of luxurious ebony – without the high price tag. The blade tang is also serrated on both sides, so you have a good, comfortable grip that lets you get up close and personal for the perfect shave.

The Boker King Cutter is a beautiful way to take your shaving game to the next level. It’s an excellent razor for those beginners just starting out with straight razors, or for the more experienced who don’t want to break the bank on a high-end razor. Pair it with a badger brush and old-fashioned shaving cream, and enjoy the calming ritual that wet shaving can be.

Boker-King-Cutter-Straight-Razor-Blade-White Boker-King-Cutter-Straight-Razor-Blade-2 Boker-King-Cutter-Straight-Razor-Blade-3