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Amazon just released the New Echo Look

The Amazon Echo Look is the selfie stick of the future.

Amazon just announced the latest device in their Echo line – the Echo Look. This latest iteration does everything that older Echo models do, but come with LED lighting and a full-length, depth-sensing camera. The camera is completely voice-controlled for hands-free pictures, features an automatic background blur and is designed for use with the Echo Look’s new Style Check Feature.

Hands-Free Personal Styling with the Echo Look

Style Check allows you to take a photo or video of your outfit for a 360-degree view. Connect to the Alexa app on your smartphone, and you will be able to see your outfit from every angle, as well as a graphic scale rating your outfit from 0 to 100. Snap two outfits at the same time for a side-by side comparison.

Alexa uses a combination of algorithms and Amazon fashion consultants to rate and critique your outfit.  You can build a personal lookbook, fashion tips and receive advice on what to purchase.

Everyday Convenience

In addition to the new camera and Style Check, you still have all the basic Echo functions, and Alexa can help you play music, set alarms, order things online, and check the morning traffic. Ask her the weather, then make sure your outfit is ready for the elements.

The Echo Look, however, is now capable of a whole host of other new skills. Alexa can now order you a drink from Starbucks, turn on NPR for you, or connect to your Fitbit and relay your stats out loud.

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