Are you looking for some new places for kayaking? Rafting in the whitewater of dangerous mountain rivers for desperate extreme lovers and moderate walks with an unforgettable view for connoisseurs of beauty — we have chosen the most interesting kayaking destinations for professional kayakers to try in 2021.

Umfin Island, Ireland

The tunnel to pass is 300 meters long and runs through the heart of the island, located in County Donegal, Ireland. Local kayak and rock climbing expert Iain Miller guides people through a challenging route that includes 40 meters of absolute darkness. The tunnel is wide enough for a kayak, but you need to choose the right day for rafting. The water should be calm, otherwise, the kayaking trip can end very quickly and unpleasantly.

Newfoundland, Canada

Kayaking in the sea, dotted with the world’s largest icebergs, taller than multi-story buildings, will not leave you indifferent. Every year, huge pieces break away from the Greenland glaciers and float to the shores of Canada, creating not only unimaginable landscapes but also beautiful routes. Perhaps, you should take a kayak with motor to feel safe on a freezing day.

Big Island, Hawaii, USA

On the coast of the Big Island in Hawaii, there is a small area where large steam clouds can be seen — at this place the lava flow from the Kilauea volcano meets the Pacific Ocean. You will not forget this. The view is so spectacular: red-hot hissing lava instantly turns to stone in the water. Just keep in mind — you can’t swim too close, so as not to accidentally “melt” your boat.

​​The Beriman River, Papua New Guinea

In the heart of the jungle of Papua New Guinea, there is an ideal 40-kilometer route. The river is surrounded by limestone walls reaching 1.5 km in height. You can get there only by helicopter, and you can complete the route either by going all the way or by overcoming 13 more gorges leading to the ocean. Ben Stookesberry and a group of kayakers completed the entire route for the first time in 13 days in 2015.​​

 Chontalcoatlan cave, Mexico

To begin with, to get into a 3 km long cave, you need to overcome a very steep descent. But this cannot even remotely be compared with what awaits you inside. Giant stones, located on the way, cannot be ignored. The passage of such a route, even in daylight, could be called extreme, and in the dark, with the limited light, the level of danger is simply off the scale.

There are so many incredible places for kayaking in the world. Sometimes, you only need to open the Google map and discover a new route, while sometimes you need to prepare for several months to get started. Which place of the above-mentioned would you like to visit? Share with us in the comments.