There’s nothing worse than trying to spend a night in the woods only to find your tent has a hole in it and it’s going to rain, or your pack has ripped at the seams, or your down jacket tore, and the fill is falling out everywhere. Maybe your raft has a leak and you’re not going anywhere downriver any time soon. There’s a myriad of ways that equipment failures can ruin your trip – and one easy way to fix them: Tenacious Tape.

The old saying that duct tape can fix everything, but sometimes even duct tape has its limitations. For one, it’s not waterproof, and will lose its effectiveness when it gets wet. Patching your tent fly isn’t gonna work with that when a storm hits. Second, it may be strong and durable, but it’s not always good enough to provide an airtight seal – so no fixing your raft with it. That’s where Tenacious Tape comes in.

Tenacious Tape is a weatherproof repair tape that can fix virtually any rip, tear, hole or gash in virtually any piece of outdoor gear you have. There’s a massive choice of colors available. Certain colors are made of nylon, while others are a nylon ripstop. The clear option is made of PVC. It’s has a super-strong adhesive on one side, but can actually be removed and repositioned within 24 hours if you need to make some adjustments, without even leaving behind that gross sticky residue that usually remains after peeling off some duct tape. It provides instant seal for leaking seams and serves as a ripstop and is abrasion-resistant enough to be used on some high-stress gear. Let’s not even get started on how strong this stuff is; it should put duct tape to shame.

Pretty much whatever in-field repair you need it for, Tenacious Tape can do it. Fix that hole in your hammock or keep your tent from leaking. A roll fits in your pack without taking up much room, and you’ll likely be using it often. Time to get your MacGyver on, and don’t let a couple of tears ruin your trip.

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