Oregon Trail Handheld
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The Oregon Trail Handheld Game

The Oregon Trail Handheld game features the authentic retro-80's graphics, sounds and gameplay, just like you'll remember from the C64 in your 5th grade classroom.

CRG9 QLED Samsung 2

Enjoy Ultra-Wide Gaming With The Samsung CRG9 49” Gaming Monitor

Samsung has one-upped themselves with the CRG9 -a 49" ultra-wide monitor for serious gamers.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite = Portable Gaming For The Future

Remember the Switch? Now you can carry an ultra-light, handheld-only version of that bad boy anytime you need.

Best Gaming GPUs

These Are The Best Gaming GPUs of 2019

Ready to game in ultra high-res, detailed luxury? Choose one of today's best gaming GPUs from NVIDIA or AMD and see your games like never before.


Acer’s Predator XN253QX Monitor Offers Ultra-Quick Response Times (and Beautiful Graphics)

PC enthusiast? No doubt you’re familiar with Acer’s line of PC peripherals, known for their quality and reliability. The XN253QX, the newest model in Acer’s predator series, is no exception.

Geforce RTX 2080 Hero

Most Powerful GPU On The Market? Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Calling all PC gamers….this one's for you!

Best Gaming CPUS 2019

These Are The Best Gaming CPUs of 2019: Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

The CPU is the the brains of your computer operation. If you take gaming seriously, you need a powerful, overclocked CPU to match. We've found the Best Gaming CPUs of 2019 to get you started.

New Nintendo Switch 1

New Nintendo Switch: Same Nintendo Charm, Better Hardware

Razer Project Linda Top Down Laptop

Turn your Smartphone into a Laptop with Razer Project Linda

Super Mario Odyssey Screen 1
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Super Mario Odyssey: Best Reviewed Video Game of 2017