Microsoft has finally unveiled it’s very-much hyped “Project Scorpio,” and it’s their next gaming console – titled the Xbox One X. It’s the most powerful and advanced Xbox yet, with native 4k, and will be available November 7th.

The Xbox One X will come with 6 teraflops of graphics power in its GPU (yes, a teraflop is real, believe it or not) – which is almost 150% of the PS4’s graphics power. The custom GPU that Microsoft has designed puts out 1172 Mhz, and 12gb of GDDR5 RAM for lightning quick performance. There is a custom AMD, 2.3 GHz 8-core processor, and a liquid-cooled vapor-chamber cooling, something that is usually found on high-end PC gaming cards like the GTX 1080.The Xbox One X also ships with an Ultra HD BluRay Drive and a 1TB hard drive.

But what everyone is really looking forward to is the insane native 4k resolution this thing is capable; Microsoft even says that 1080p Xbox One games will run in native 4k, which is pretty awesome, and with a nice performance boost. Even the native 4k games can crank out 60 FPS right off the bat. And unlike the PS4, this is an actual, native 4k resolution.

Of course, as with the PS4, there aren’t yet a lot of games available in 4k. 4k TV’s and monitors are becoming more and more popular, but content creators (both video game and movie) have yet to really catch up. With the advent of these new gaming consoles, however, expect that to change. And if you can get a 4k system, then why not?

The outside of the Xbox One X hasn’t changed much from the original, but Microsoft does say it is smaller – the smallest Xbox yet, in fact.  There are the obligatory HDMI outputs, USB inputs, and S/PDIF.  And of course, it still uses the classic Xbox controller we all know and love.

The Xbox One is no doubt the most powerful Xbox Microsoft has released yet, and its graphics power looks absolutely glorious. If you don’t already have a 4k tv, it may seem a little steep to get into, and time will tell how it fares against the ($100 cheaper) PS4. But once 4k games become a little more mainstream, there will be no turning back to the world of 1080P.


Buy - $499.00
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