Whatever your personal definition of EDC, we can all agree that being geared up and ready for whatever the day throws at you is important. And whether you just pack the essentials or pack heat, a good EDC belt can be a vital part of doing just that. A good CCW belt will help you stash sidearm comfortably and discreetly, while a good tactical belt can make carrying any other essentials much easier. We know this, which is why we went ahead and rounded up some of the best EDC belts on the market – as determined by reviews and users the Internet over. Here’s what we found.

Hanks Everyday No Break Belt

For the most basic of EDC – carrying your essentials, in this case, your pants and any clip-on items – you can’t go wrong with a sturdy leather belt made from real American leather. Look no further than the Hanks Everyday No Break Belt; this American-made belt is as good as it gets, made from one piece of 100% full-grain leather. That’s it. 1.5” wide, it’s perfect for holding up virtually any pair of pants with a classic casual look, and thanks to the Chicago Screw construction, you can actually swap the included buckle out for one you like better.

All things considered, we bet it’ll last some years to come…it even comes with a 100-year warranty, which is dang hard to beat. For classic American leather, you can’t go wrong with this one.

What People Love:

  •  Full-grain leather
  • 100-year warranty
  • 1.5” construction

Wolf Tactical Rigger’s Belt

Tactical rigger’s belts are the perfect choice for EDC wear whenever you have a lot of gear to carry – knife, radio, holster. The added rigidity provides support for those items and keeps the belt durable enough for any situation; the Wolf Tactical Rigger’s Belt is built just for this. It’s two layers of 1.75” nylon webbing, with enough rigidity to use any IWB or OWB without the threat of rolling over, bending or sagging. It’s topped off with a tough metal buckle, all assembled right here in the USA.

What People Love:
– Excellent Value
– Rigid Nylon
– Wolf Tactical Guarantee

Blue Alpha Gear 1.5” Hybrid

Constructed right at home in Georgia, this Hybrid EDC belt from Blue Alpha Gear uses a 100% nylon, double-layer webbing paired with a full-metal, CNC-machined hybrid style buckle; this COBRA buckle has a smaller female end that can be easily threaded through small belt loops before clicking into the larger end. This makes it easier to wear with pants of all sizes. It’s rigid enough to accommodate CCW, as well as EDC tools, and adjusts with Velcro. And yes – it’s assembled right here in America, though the CNC-machined buckle is made in Austria.

What People Love:

  • Super easy on/off
  • Easy Velcro adjusting
  • Rigid build

Trayvax Cinch Webbing Belt

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Super simple. Two words that sum up this nylon webbing belt from Trayvax, those purveyors of fine EDC. It cinches down real tight on even the smallest of waists, using nothing but a classic friction-buckle design to keep itself in place. The “heavy duty MIL-SPEC” webbing is paired with an “aerospace-grade tempered aluminum buckle” with anodized finish, available in 6 EDC-ready colors. Trayvax says it’s rated to a tensile strength of 2000 pounds – a limit you should never have to actually test, but one that would surely provide some peace of mind just in case. And the buckle can be easily removed and swapped out. It doesn’t appear to be as rigid as many stiff belts but looks solid for other everyday needs. And like Trayvax’s best gear, it’s all Made in the USA with their 65-Year Heirloom Warranty.

What People Love

  • Super tight friction hold
  • High-quality aluminum buckle
  • 100% Made in the USA

Nexbelt 2019 Titan

Nexbelt’s “claim to fame” is their “re-engineering” of the ratchet belt; they don’t claim to have invented it, but they do claim to have revamped it and made it better, stronger and longer-lasting. This patented design of theirs lengthens the clasp body as opposed to your typical ratchet belt and gives it stainless steel screws instead of pins. That’s in addition to the “super high-density” microfiber straps that gives the belt a rigidness and strength perfect for CCW and all your tactical EDC needs.

What People Love
– Quick, easy ratcheting adjustment; adjusts in ¼” increments.
– Stiff but still comfortable
– Good for holding holsters and tactical tools