Excuse the horrible pun. But Urge makes some of the coolest and classiest leather slip-ons we’ve seen in a while, and we think everyone needs a pair.

We love all kinds of footwear – from the most casual kicks to the classiest of dress boots. But nothing beats being able to just slip your feet into something. Sure, it might seem lazy…but why bend over and tie and untie those shoelaces when you don’t have to?

Urge Morocco Woven Leather ShoesUnfortunately, we’re not always at the beach and we do like to step outside the house occasionally. So we concede that our wardrobe requires more than a pair of flip-flops or loafers – even if we don’t want to give up the slip-on ease and simplicity. That’s why we like Urge shoes so much.

Woven from genuine leather, these shoes from the Land Down Under are breezy and cool…but are still sharp enough to wear about town or even to the office (when business casual is in effect and the summer heat dictates a beachy feel).

The loose leather weave is strong but designed to let your feet breathe. The heel is padded and layered for comfort. And Urge put a a cushy, anti-slip rubber outsole on the bottom to help ensure comfortable footing. They are also designed to be super easy to put on, leaving the fastening duties to just two waxed cotton laces.Urge Morocco Woven Leaher

Available in two styles – the Mister and the Morocco – Urge shoes look super classy but still feel like you’re at the beach. What else could you ask for in a pair of summer dress shoes?

Buy - $110.00