While it is true that just about any $20 pair of earbuds will do the trick when it comes to music, but once you’ve tried a pair of premium headphones, there really is no going back. On the top of our Christmas list this year are a set of Shinola Canfield headphones. This exquisitely styled line of headphones comes in 4 renditions (Canfield Over-Ear, The Canfield On-Ear, The Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitor, and The Canfield In-Ear Monitor), each expertly crafted to the beautiful precision and gorgeous looks you would expect from Shinola. They describe them as having a “A sound so clean it allows anyone to experience music the way it should be — masterfully produced.”

The most expensive choice of the line, the Canfield Over-Ear’s, clock in at a hefty $595. Too much for a pair of headphones? You get stainless steel components, integrated padding in the headband, and interchangeable memory foam lambskin ear pads. All in a gorgeous coffee brown color. There’s a 50mm dynamic transducer, and it can pump out 102 decibels, with minimal distortion, for crystal-clear tunes on all tracks.

And if you can’t justify spending that much money, you can also choose from The Canfield On-Ear ($495 to $550), the Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors ($495), and the Canfield In-Ear Monitors, priced $195.

How do they sound? Until we’ve tried them side by side with some of our favorite high-end headphones, we can’t say how they truly stack up. But at this price point, we’re sure they deliver some quality sound. Still, the real attraction here is the attractive package your new Shinola Canfield headphones bring you; sleek and modern, ready for the classiest of outfits and occasions. They spent two years fine-tuning these headphones, and the quality shows. And, they’re out right in time for Christmas.

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