At first glance, the Freenote Cloth CD2 looks like any other denim trucker jacket, but is really much more. This jacket is made from a custom, 100% cotton, 13oz broken twill selvedge fabric, made in Yoshiwa Mills, Japan. With selvedge detailing on the interior front placket, the cinch back detail, and classic zigzag stitch detailing, it’s an impressively crafted and detailed jacket that looks as good as it wears. The custom metal snaps, metal reproduction cinch and universal zipper are all made in Japan, as is the hand cut leather zipper pull. All these pieces are collected and crafted in right here at home in America.

The Freenote Cloth CD2 isn’t the cheapest denim trucker jacket (nor, to be fair, the most expensive), but when you try it on, you’ll see why. Every single thread, stitch and detail feels like it’s been done with love and craftsmanship. The broken twill means it is durable, and highly resistant to shrinkage and warping as you break it in – and should you wash it. And of course, the style is iconically American, and works with just about any outfit.




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