RED is a big player in the professional digital camera world, but they have apparently decided to shift into smartphones with their new Hydrogen One – which they say is the first smartphone with a holographic display. Well, it is the first smartphone with a holographic display, we’re just wondering why anyone needs a holographic display on their smartphone. Essentially, the device will be capable of creating multi-dimensional audio and video, right in your hand, without the need for 3d glasses or projector screens.

There’s really not a lot of info out there on the Hydrogen One just yet. In fact, they’ve only released one teaser pic. But we do know that it runs Android, is carrier-unlocked, and currently retails for $1195 or $1595 for the Titanium version.  The screen is 5.7″, and also just works like a regular, 2d phone when you need it.

It appears that RED is using this phone as the first in a new line of modular smartphones, where you will be able to add accessories, lenses, external devices, etc, in building your own ultra hi-tech camera rig around your smartphone. Which is actually pretty cool, but at this time, nothing is available except the smartphone. So if you’re ready to spend 4 figures on a smartphone (without plan), then have at it.

Beware: If you pre-order, RED will collect your money at the time of the order. Also, RED has already stated that availability will be limited initially due to production.

Buy - $1,195.00