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Pelican’s New Personal Utility Case – the RUCK Case – Is Here

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Good hard cases are useful for storing gear in any number of situations, or for hauling gear to any number of exotic and demanding locations. Whether your gear demands a sturdy box, or your laptop needs to be stashed somewhere impenetrable – somewhere it absolutely cannot be broken into or stolen during your travels –  a secure and high-performance hard case from a brand like Pelican is the answer. For simple, EDC essential storage, Pelican’s RUCK Case will get the job done without weighing you down.

Pelican’s RUCK Case is the latest addition to their Personal Utility Case line. It’s practically indestructible, designed to protect your valuables and essential gear – such as your phone, wallet, keys, or tablet – from virtually everything the world throws at it.

How? By using a co-molded rubberized liner and exo-skeleton with cushioned EVA lining; you can drop this case, bang it, smash it, throw it – all without fear. The rubberized texture adds grip and confidence. On the outside, external loops and attachments points let you lash on some rope or carabiners. Inside, there are lid organizers, divider trays, and even nylon  MOLLE straps for securing items and keeping them from flying about. A dual pivot latch wraps it all up securely.

And, did we mention it’s IP68-rated against water, snow, and dust? Throw it into several feet of water for up to 30 minutes before any moisture makes its way in; water is no match.

The RUCK Case complements the GO Case, released a few months earlier; this smaller case is much like the RUCK, offering all the same protection but perfectly sized for a smartphone and only IP67-rated – making it the better choice for pocket-sized protection.

The RUCK Case will come in three sizes – the R20, R40 and R60 – and will be able available this spring. If you exploits constantly lead you into harsh elements and dangerous conditions, you’ll want to look into one.

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