Saunas are heavenly! There’s no need for those expensive gym memberships to get the sauna experience. Almost Heaven Sauna’s Barrel Sauna is the perfect addition to your backyard. Also, it moves with you!

The Barrel Sauna is a simple design which is highly effective. It provides maximum useable space while minimizing excess cubic feet; therefore, the sauna will heat quickly and efficiently. This model is available in a number of sizes as well as a number of different lumber types.

Sauna Design

The Barrel Sauna is assembled using a ball-and-socket profile held in place by stainless steel bands and minimal fasteners. This design allows it to maintain a reliable seal while allowing the lumber to expand and contract. The entire unit is mounted on polymer support cradles that loft the undercarriage of the sauna. Therefore, the sauna never comes in direct contact with any moisture on the ground.


Each Barrel Sauna arrives partially assembled and features stainless steel hardware, thick tempered glass, and high-grade softwood with smooth edges. The standard Barrel Sauna is available in Nordic Spruce, Hemlock-Fir, Rustic Western Red Cedar, or Clear Western Red Cedar.


The Barrel Sauna is made in the USA. It comes with a stainless steel heater, stones, bucket, ladle, and combination thermometer/hygrometer. The sauna will heat to as much as 195F in less than an hour.


Get the full sauna experience:

  • Soft, diffused glow of the interior LED lighting
  • A sturdy heater fence
  • Opposite-facing benches that encourage real conversation and genuine interaction.
Buy - $4,300.00
Barrel Sauna Barrel Sauna Barrel Sauna Barrel Sauna Barrel Sauna