It looks like Otterbox – much like Yeti – is trying to branch out into something new. The brand, known best for their drop-proof, water-proof phone cases, has just released a new growler – the Otterbox Elevation 64.

Built from 100% stainless steel and vacuum sealed  with a copper lining, the Elevation 64 is meant to keep your beer cold – or coffee hot – while the body remains strong enough to take with you and throw about on any outdoor trek. A screw-cork lid keeps the drink safe and prevents leaks.

The Elevation 64 is really just the start, however, and Otterbox has an entire line of Elevation tumblers to complement your growler on trips – such as the Elevation 10 and Elevation 20 (so-named after their drink capacities, respectively).  The Elevation 20 also comes with the option to switch out the lid for a variety of different modular lids, such as a French Press lid, Shaker lid and infuser lid – making it one of the most versatile, durable mugs or tumblers you will come across.

If sleek good looks and versatility are what your after, and you enjoy taking handsome beverages outside with you, grab one today.

Otterbox Elevation 64 Growler Features

  • 100% stainless steel build with copper lining
  • Vacuum sealed
  • 64 0z (1/2 gallon) capacity
  • Screw-on, leakproof lid
  • Matches well with Elevation 10 and 20 tumblers
Otterbox Elevation 64 Growler Split Otterbox Elevation 64 Growler Couple Otterbox Elevation 64 Growler Lineup