While we doubt anyone would confuse us for true sneakerheads, it’s no secret that we always appreciate a fresh pair of sneakers. From traditional canvas kicks to leather sneakers that look as at home at the office as they do that the pool party, we’re fans of anything clean, stylish and (of course) comfortable. Thus it’s no surprise we can’t help but want a pair of Oliver Cabell sneakers.

Oliver Cabell SneakersThe first Oliver Cabell model that caught our eye was the Low 1. Available in both White and Slate grey, these are your classic sneakers, but made with 3-ounce, full-grain Italian calfskin…and paired with Italian 70 Shore A rubber sole. Inside is a Italian calf-skin footbed and Spanish cowhide lining, and it’s all hand-stitched and crafted in Albacete, Spain. Sounds like luxurious experience to us.

And it is.But we have to admit that the Oliver Cabell Phoenix that might just have them trumped in the “cool” category. These slip-ons sneakers are made of sustainably-made, recycled plastics that are 3D-printed into a seamless, one-piece upper that looks, feels and breathes like mesh. Because it pretty much is. It’s just woven from repurposed plastic. Pretty cool, right?


They look like something between everyday sneakers and athletic shoes to us, with that thick, white injection-molded EVA midsole that just looks like a dream to walk on.

At this point, our shoe collection is getting a bit full, so we’ll probably hold off on any of Oliver Cabell’s offerings for a bit. But when it’s time to expand that collection, we’ll might just reach for a pair of these.