There are a few things in life that really do get better with age. Wine and cheese come to mind – but so does whisky. And it’s no secret that whisky is our favorite of the bunch.

Legendary Speyside Scotchmaker Macallan knows this too…which is why they just released a 72-Year Old whisky that’s so dang good, it commands a $65,000 price tag and earns itself the title of the World’s Oldest Scotch.

They’re calling it Macallan 72 Years Old in Lalique.

72 Years Old: World’s Oldest Whisky

72 Years Old In Lalique comes at big moment for Macallan. It’s hot on the heels of their new distillery – a $200 million facility, with which Macallan plans to produce top-quality whisky for generations to come. It also comes not long after Macallan sold the most expensive bottle of Scotch ever produced – The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 60-Year-Old.

So, yeah, they’re on a bit of a roll right now.

Macallan bills 72 Years Old In Lalique as a “celebration of the collaboration of masters from across the fields of whisky, crystal, architecture, construction and craftsmanship and marks a new beginning in The Macallan story.”

In other words…the bottle and the presentation are just as good as the whiskey itself. Macallan is selling it in a “bespoke crystal decanter”. The luxurious and classy shape that definitely stands out from your typical Scotch bottle.


As for the whiskey itself? It’s a gorgeous light amber color, with a rich, full flavor befitting its 72 years’ worth of maturation. Clocking in at 42% ABV, it’s delivers “aromas of peat, lemons, green apples, vanilla, raisins and ginger”, and “tastes of wood spice, peat smoke and citrus, and a finish of rich fruit and oak.”

Luxury in a Bottle

Sounds like luxury. If you’d like to buy yourself a bottle of this rare stuff, be prepared to spend a fortune. And not just a small one. A very, very big one. With only 600 decanters of Macallan 72 Years Old in Lalique being released, you can expect to spend about $65,000 to get your hands on one.