All-use pants, that can go from the office to the mountainside without blinking an eye, are big right now. And for good reason. But few brands have been making these kinds of clothes as long as Kuhl, who’s been doing it since 1993, when they first introduced the FREE RYDE waistband; which was supposed to provide the most natural, flexible fit. A few years later, they paired that waist with articulated knees, a design that has goes onto be made by just about every outdoor clothier. Articulated knees follow your natural movements for a more flexible and natural fit. A couple of decades later and they’ve got a whole lineup of quality, comfortable and flexible pants suitable for just about every situation you could possibly find yourself in.

The Kontra Pants are a stylish pair of performance chinos, that are the perfect combination of technical and dressy. They’re made from a special version of their UberKuhl Fabric, a super lightweight stretch nylon/cotton blend that is quick-drying, designed especially for hot, humid weather. They’ve got UPF 35 protection, equipping them perfectly for heated expeditions. 11 strategically-placed mesh vents keep you cool too.  Summer sun? No problem. Desert heat? Got you covered.

As you might expect, the fit is engineered to a tee; they use Kuhl’s Kontra fit, which is neither baggy like hiking pants or tight like a pair of skinny jeans; Kuhl says it’s good for athletes and bikers with big legs. They’ve got the gusseted crotch and articulated knees you would expect from Kuhl, the Free Ryde waistband for the natural contour of your hips, and a feinforced grosgrain ribbon adds durability. Oh, and they lined the Waistband with soft micro-chamois for unmatched comfort

So how do they hold up in action? These are super light, super-thin pants, that you can barely tell you’re wearing when they drape your legs. But at the same time, they don’t look like technical pants, with a look you could easily pull off as business casual when the heat gets too much. They’re truly stretchy and flexible, and totally comfortable to commute in on your bike, as well as keep your legs covered when you head for trails on the weekends.

Too long, didn’t read: the Kuhl Kontra Pants are serious pants for staying seriously cool. And at $75 a pair, they’re a pretty good bargain compared to most technical pants.

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