Spring is coming, really? While we may be in the dead of winter, spring is – believe it or not – just a month or two away. And if you live in the South or West Coast, it may already be here, in a sense. When it comes, it’ll be time to look for a nice, light spring jacket, if you haven’t one already. The newest one we’re enjoying is the Quilted Commuter Jacket from Buck Mason. It’s a classic piece of outerwear, that looks somewhere between a classic commuter jacket, and quilted coat from Barbour. With a broken twill nylon fabric, it is quilted and filled with a warm, lightweight fill that provides some good warmth weather you’re outside or inside. You can dress it up, or you can dress it down, and it goes well with jeans, dress pants and fine shoes.

And since it’s from Buck Mason, you can feel good about buying it. The brand has been around since 2013 in Los Angeles, where they make and manufacture each jacket or pair of jeans with the utmost quality and precision. That’s the kind of brand we like to get behind, and we think you’ll like their jackets, too. It won’t do too much in the dead of winter, but makes a great choice for the shoulder seasons.  All that, and it’s only $225 – a relative deal for a Made in America coat.



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