Be part of this limited edition 125th Anniversary 86 Proof release! Next time you’re relaxing at home, leaning back and enjoying some great tunes and looking for a whiskey to sip, reach for some Jack Daniels. And if you can wait until later this summer, you can grab a bottle of Red Dog Saloon, which they will be releasing in limited numbers this year.

Back in the late 19th-century, when Jack Daniels first opened his famous Lynchburg, VA distillery, he also opened two saloons to sell his whiskey in – the Red Dog and the White Rabbit saloons. The aptly Red Dog Saloon whiskey thus commemorates the 125th Anniversary of these saloons – just as a few years back, the distillery released a similar whiskey called White Rabbit.

Red Dog Saloon isn’t a whole lot different than regular Jack, but it’s unique. It’s a bit stronger, at a sold 86 proof. It’s also a little more expensive.

Jack Daniels is only releasing a limited amount of Red Dog Saloon this summer, so keep an eye out for it. You may want to get on the waitlist for this release.


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