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Jack Daniels is Releasing a Limited Number of Red Dog Saloon Bottles

Jack Daniels Red Dog Saloon Front Bottle

Be part of this limited edition 125th Anniversary 86 Proof release! Next time you’re relaxing at home, leaning back and enjoying some great tunes and looking for a whiskey to sip, reach for some Jack Daniels. And if you can wait until later this summer, you can grab a bottle of Red Dog Saloon, which they will be releasing in limited numbers this year.

Back in the late 19th-century, when Jack Daniels first opened his famous Lynchburg, VA distillery, he also opened two saloons to sell his whiskey in – the Red Dog and the White Rabbit saloons. The aptly Red Dog Saloon whiskey thus commemorates the 125th Anniversary of these saloons – just as a few years back, the distillery released a similar whiskey called White Rabbit.

Red Dog Saloon isn’t a whole lot different than regular Jack, but it’s unique. It’s a bit stronger, at a sold 86 proof. It’s also a little more expensive.

Jack Daniels is only releasing a limited amount of Red Dog Saloon this summer, so keep an eye out for it. You may want to get on the waitlist for this release.


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