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EcoFlow River: Best Portable Power Station For Off-The-Grid Adventuring

EcoFlow River Portable Power Station

Sometimes, you just need plenty of power – even when you’re off the grid. Maybe for charging up that tablet or phone, recharging headlamps, or powering utilities around the base camp. But you don’t need the full-throttled power of a generator. That’s where the EcoFlow River comes in.

The River is the all-in-one portable power station that allows you to charge or power up to 11 devices at once – from phones to laptops to lights. Pick from 2 USB-C ports, 2 AC outputs, 2 DC outputs and 4 fast-charge outputs (both Type-C, and 2 USB QC 2.0), or a 12v car port. With a 114,000 mAh / 412 Wh Lithium ion battery, it can charge your phone 30 times, your drone 4-8 times, or even power your camp lighting system for over 100 hours. Got a mini fridge or electric cooler? That should run for 10+ hours.

EcoFlow River Portable Power station-2Since it’s more of a long-term battery than generator, and doesn’t run on gas, EcoFlow’s power station is whisper-quiet. It’s also compact and light (tipping the scale at 11 pounds – as opposed to a generators like 50+ pounds). It holds a charge for up to a year, and is a much easier, cleaner alternative to carrying that large generator around when you’re heading off the grid.

Additionally – the River is smart. It can detect what device you’re charging and will automatically adjust output to match.River Portable Power Station 2

The EcoFlow River certainly is not cheap – so you better take your off-grid and overlanding adventures seriously if you decide to drop the cash. But it is a sleek, quiet, portable and super-easy way to always have power at your fingertips.

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