Enjoy cooking at camp, but don’t like lugging around fuel? Then maybe you ought to the GoSun Sport solar camp stove, which can cook delicious meals all the way through using nothing but the sun. Yup, seriously. The GoSun Sport uses compound parabolic reflectors in a tubular shape to focus heat into the vacuum chamber, which provides excellent insulation and converts sunlight into heat. As it heats up, your food cooks. And it’s very efficient; about 80% of the sun that hit it will be converted to heat. It doesn’t even need to be an especially hot or sunny day out, and you can cook in lightly cloudy weather and in the middle of winter. (Though we think you might be a little disappointed if attempting to cook in the rain).

All you have to do is put your food into the tube-shaped cooking chamber (made of Pyrex), aim it toward the sun, and set it to cook; within as little as 20 minutes, you can have a perfectly cooked meal, as the cooking temperature climbs to as much as 550 degrees Fahrenheit. No flames, no fuels, just pure cooking power.

The GoSun Sport weighs 7 pounds, and the clamshell design makes it easy to move around and pack. Simply fold it up and grab it by the handle, or slide it into the included carry case, that slings over your shoulder. The outer part of the vacuum tube is also designed to remain cool to touch, so you can safely grab it with your hands while removing food.

What can you cook? Anything, really. The shape makes it especially good for kebabs. It’s both super easy to use and a ton of fun. Bring it on your next camping trip, or just use it while kicking back in the backyard for a cookout with the smoke and hassle.

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