Main features of the Fallkniven F1 Military Knife:

  • VG-10 stainless steel blade

  • CeraKote black coating

  • Drop-point style blade

  • Thermorun elastomer handle

  • Lanyard hole

  • Heavy-duty black nylon sheath

Military knives are no toys, and you should never treat them as one. Improper handling can lead to accidents and severe injuries, and that’s why these blades are not for everyone.

For instance, the Fallkniven F1 Military Knife is a versatile option that can help with various daily tasks. With that said, this knife requires a capable hand to guide it.

So, do you think you got what it takes to master the F1? Here’s what you’ll be up against when wielding this super-sharp blade.

Prestigious Swedish Knife-Making

Fallkniven is a famous Swedish brand, and the company goes back to 1984. Traditional forging and blade manufacturing is Fallkniven’s core philosophy. So, it’s not surprising to see that the Swedish Air Force uses the F1 as its official knife.

Of course, the Swedish military would never choose this model if it didn’t offer premium performances and characteristics. Precisely, the overall length of the Fallkniven F1 is 8.3 inches, with a 3.75-inch blade.

Excellent Design

Speaking of the measurements, we should say that the drop-point style and a full-tang system make this knife perfectly balanced and well-proportioned. Best of all, the shape allows effortless cutting and slicing, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

If you go with the black blade option, your Fallkniven F1 will be invisible during the night. The secret lies in the CeraKote layer, a mixture of Teflon and ceramics. This coating will help you avoid reflections while hunting, making this a stealth model. We should also mention that the Thermorun elastomer handle features a visible tang line and a lanyard hole.

Versatile and Efficient

Since 1995, the Swedish military has been using Fallkniven F1 for all sorts of tasks. Therefore, you can expect complete versatility and ease of use from this handy blade.

For example, the F1 model comes in a black nylon belt sheath. Offering one-hand opening and snap retention, the sheath is up there with the best in the current market. Sturdy and rugged, this knife holder also comes with a thumb push-up feature to open the snap and release the F1.

Available in three color options, the Fallkniven F1 Military Knife can tackle any daily task around the camp. Of course, you can use it in the backyard or during fishing/hunting expeditions. Yet, the crucial thing is to stay out of the way of the VG-10 stainless steel blade.

Is It Worth It?

Top-drawer knives can come with a steep price, and the same applies to Fallkniven F1. But even though this is not the most affordable blade, it’s worth every penny. You’ll never go wrong by spending a bit more on a high-end knife; it’s as simple as that.

Durable and well-built, Fallkniven F1 Military Knife provides optimized handling and effortless cutting. For personal security or survival use, this model is a no-brainer.