So you’re now rocking a totally iconic and cool pair of Saint Unbreakable Jeans, and now you need a matching jacket to go with them. Might as well make it from the same brand; Saint boasts of being designed by riders, for riders, and the spirit of motorcycles is palpable in everything they do. Their Technical Denim Jacket was created in the same vein as their jeans – tough, rugged and built to withstand anything. Their Unbreakable 2.0 denim is 5 times stronger than regular denim, woven from a cotton and Dyneema blend and meant to protect from road rash in case of a wipeout on your bike. That’s not quite as strong as their Unbreakable 4 and 6 denims, but is still nothing to sneeze at.

In the looks department, the technical jacket is actually styled after iconic leather moto jackets, rather than the typical denim trucker, with a tab collar and tight fit. Two chest pockets finish the look and add some storage, while the Saint Unbreakable wings round the ensemble out. It’s really the best, and maybe only, complement to their Unbreakable Jeans. And to be fair, it seems almost affordable compared to their jeans. Pair with leather boots for an iconic look on a classic motorcycle.But if you’d like a pair, the Technical Denim Jacket is a limited edition – better get yours before they run out.

Buy - $300.00
technical_denim_jacket_rear technical_denim_jacket_1 technical_denim_jacket_tab technical_denim_jacket_zipper technical_denim_jacket_closeup