Ready for some serious shredding this winter? Do a lot of varied skiing but can only invest in a single pair of skis? The Faction Candide Thovex 2.0 are the skis you’re looking for. These excellent skis are made from a poplar and beechwood core, with carbon reinforcement laminated in.  Rubber between the layers dampens any vibrations and keep things bonded. This construction method provides grip, stability and strength, while still allowing for a little bit of flex as you tear down the mountain.; The wood makes sure it’s crisp and snappy at turns, but still give it some flex. Faction rates Flex a Medium-stiff 6/10, which is “Stable at speed or on big landings, but still playful enough to butter and press.” It will hold up well on jumps.

Microcap construction where the topsheet and sidewall meet adds chip resistance, as well as grip on the edges, to extend the lifespan of the skis. The 102mm waist gives it plenty of float and performance, while tip rocker – 325mm rocker in the tip, 2mm camber underfoot, and 310mm rocker in the tail –  is extremely generous. The symmetrical shaping allows you to ride them regular, or easily switch them; they’re all around a versatile set of skis ready for chewing powder on any terrain. They’re a worthy investment, especially if you can only afford one pair of skies to do it all.

faction candide thovex_2