Whether you’re an East Coaster who prefers hitting the slopes of Vermont, or a West Coaster who heads for the Sierra every time fresh snow drops, it’s important to have a ski underneath you that provides stability and ease of riding, as well as something to power you through the terrain. The Nordica Enforcer 93 are the perfect skis for just that.

At 93 millimeters under foot, this ski may startle some of us older riders who haven’t quite made the adjustment to a modern style ski, but doesn’t mean this ski can’t handle some East Coast groomers and carve its way to the warming hut. The Enforcer contains two sheets metal – Energy 2 Titanium, they call it – within the ski, dampening the tip and tail in order to reduce chattering while turning, as well as add rigidity throughout the whole body. This rigidity allows the rider to dig deep into turns, hold them, and then snap out into another one; this allows it to function like a trampoline, absorbing your energy and amplifying it into the next move.

The wider waist underfoot gives the rider a firm stability when surfing through powder, and, coupled with a wider tip that measures in at 126 millimeters, gives a sort of float to the ski that keeps you from getting caught up in the snow.

The Nordica Enforcer 93 looks like a real competitor in the all-mountain ski market. If you’re not used to such a wide ski,  then yes, it may take a while to get used to these. And the $649 price tag for a pair of skis without even binding might scare you away. But trust us, when you take these things on the hill –  those fears will fade away. Edge-to-edge mobility is surprisingly easy, and when cruising down the slopes at a slower speed you should have no problem carving out some solid turns. This ski definitely showcases the advances Nordica is making in the all-mountain ski world, and a great set to hit slopes with this coming winter. Get ready for some backcountry pow turns.


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