What on earth is a temperature control mug? The new innovation in drinkware, of course. The Ember Ceramic Mug keeps your drinks at exactly the temperature you like them so they don’t get cold before you’re through with them. It’s been calibrated to keep a cup of coffee, tea or hot water at exactly 130F for approximately one hour – a temperature considered ideal for hot beverages. Just set the ceramic mug down on the heating plate (saucer) and let it do its thing.

The Ember heating plate works by being connected to the Ember app, which lets you remotely adjust the temperature, save presets for your favorite drinks (do you like your coffee hotter than your tea?) and switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Heck, you can even select a personalized LED color, and the app will alert you when your drink has reached the desired temperature.

Kinda cool, right? It’s more novelty than gourmet kitchen device, but a fun gift for someone who drinks a ton of coffee or tea and prefers to drink it at exactly the right temperature. It is electronic, obviously, but is even IPX7-rated and can withstand being fully submersed in water, so you can pour drinks in, spill them, and wash it to your heart’s content.

Maybe get one in time for fall.

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