According to its maker, the BioLite BaseLantern, and its larger version, the Baselantern XL is the first ever flatpack lantern. What exactly does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like. It’s a flat-shaped lantern that packs down to a small, portable size, and uses what Biolite calls edge-lighting. The result is that it packs 500 lumens in a neat, tiny package. It’s powered by a 1200MAh rechargeable battery, which can last a whole weekend of a single charge. Keep tabs on it with the LED meter, and plug in the USB cable when it runs out. No batteries, no trash.

And since this is a Biolite product, after fall, it serves another purpose: you can charge your cellphones, cameras or tablets. There are 2 USB-out ports, and you can charge up to 4 cell phones at once. Two stainless steel folding legs can serve to stand it up on flat surfaces, can angle down, or can even hang from hooks or branches.

And sure enough, it’s Bluetooth capable, too. Connect it to your phone and access a whole host of cool features and functions through the BaseLantern app; turn it on or off, dim the light, set timers and alarms, and turn it on automatically whenever you’re in range. A variety of light modes includes red night vision and control over the whole color spectrum. And don’t forget pulsing Party Mode. Cool stuff. The Bluetooth Low Energy tech uses a negligible amount of power on your phone. Works with both iPhone and Android.

The lantern body is also built to tough specs and rated for IPX4 water and dust resistance. That’s enough any kind of camping, as far as a lantern goes. Thanks to the thin, square design, you can pack it on the top of your bag for easy access. What else could you ask for?

Biolite BaseLantern Flatpack Lantern_1 Biolite BaseLantern Flatpack Lantern_2 Biolite BaseLantern Flatpack Lantern_3 Biolite BaseLantern Flatpack Lantern_4 Biolite BaseLantern Flatpack Lantern_5 Biolite BaseLantern Flatpack Lantern_6