No matter if you are preparing for the zombie apocalypse or you plan to go hunting in the nearby woods, an accurate crossbow is a must-have. These ancient hunting tools have evolved into lethal machines that can easily penetrate through skin and bones, even from a distance.

With that said, it is essential to find an appropriate model for your needs. Nowadays, the market is full of options, and it’s challenging to pick the perfect model.

For that reason, we scoured the internet in search of the best crossbow in 2020. It didn’t take long to find these five candidates that stand above the rest. So, let’s look at our crossbow reviews to check out the most prominent features of these hunting tools.

1. TenPoint Wicked Ridge M-370

To start this list in style, we visited a family-owned company that has over 25 years of experience in the business. So, it’s clear that TenPoint knows what it takes to make a high-quality crossbow, right here in the USA. For example, TenPoint Wicked Ridge M-370 is a forward-draw style crossbow that will exceed expectations of any hunting enthusiast.

Why do we say this? Well, the Wicked Ridge M-370 is a device built to perform. This elite crossbow is one of the quietest on the market. It can generate speeds of up to 370 FPS, with impressive accuracy. The AcuDraw cocking device allows for effortless cocking, and you’ll also get a multi-line scope. On top of that, the M-370 comes equipped with a fully enclosed trigger and improved handling. In other words, this model is well-balanced and easy to use.

Best of all, the Wicked Ridge M-370 boasts being the lightest crossbow in the world. Believe it or not, this deadly toy weighs only 5.8 pounds! At the same time, the width of the M-370 is only 9.5 inches, when cocked. So, if you want a compact and lightweight model to step into the world of bowhunting equipment, this crossbow could be right up your alley.

2. Barnett TS380

The second entry on our list comes from another heavy-hitter in the world of crossbows. What’s more, Barnett is one of the pioneers of the industry. Since 1962, this all-American company has been making exquisite crossbows and other bowhunting gear. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see Barnett TS380  the list of the best crossbows for 2020.

So, what makes this model one of the best? For starters, the TS380 comes equipped with frictionless release technology. As a result, the arrow will fly out of the bow with speeds of up to 380 FPS. This crossbow can generate up to 122 pounds of kinetic energy, which is more than enough to take down any game. Of course, we remind you that such power can be dangerous, so stay cautious at all times when using TS380.

Also, Barnett TS380 comes with anti-vibration technology that ensures repeatable accuracy. Speaking of precision, you will also receive the 4x32mm multi-reticle scope. Thus, your shooting will go to a whole new level with this high-quality scope mounted on top of the crossbow. Barnett TS380 has a metal injection-molded trigger. This anti-dry fire trigger prevents the unwanted release of the arrow, which is an essential safety feature for any hunting crossbow. On top of that, the TS380 comes with an adjustable foregrip that provides comfortable handling and fatigue-free shooting. The package comes with two HeadHunter arrows and a crank cocking device.

3. Killer Instinct Speed 425

As the name implies, the third entry on our list is one of the fastest crossbows out there. As if that’s not enough, Killer Instinct Speed 425 is sturdy and durable at the same time. The Minnesota-based company provides a lifetime warranty on this product, which speaks a lot about the quality of the Speed 425.

The name Speed 425 is pretty self-explanatory, and it comes from the shooting speed that this crossbow can achieve. With 425 FPS, this model is the fastest in the lineup of this company. This blazing speed results in 156 pounds of kinetic energy. In other words, Killer Instinct Speed 425 will strike the target in a blink of an eye.

You’ll be glad to hear that this model comes equipped with the LUMIX Speed Ring scope. The illuminated reticle and high-quality lens will provide HD clarity, even in low light conditions. Also, the LUMIX scope has instant calibration for unmatched precision.

If you decide to go with Speed 425, you will receive 3x 20-inch carbon bolts for maximum penetration, together with a cocking device and a side-mount quiver. We should also mention that Speed 425 has an AR-style buttstock with five positions for customization. Plus, this crossbow is as silent as they get.

4. Ravin R20

Now we come to the most prestigious models, and Ravin is one of the companies that dominate the market. This brand offers an extensive list of great crossbows, but we were blown away by the qualities of Ravin R20. As an award-winning model, this device provides impressive performances for an affordable price.

For instance, the R20 can generate up to 430 FPS, which is more than any other crossbow in this list. Blazing fast arrows will hit the target with as much as 164 pounds of kinetic energy! The Ravin R20 relies on the famous HeliCoil technology to achieve such breathtaking speeds. This efficient configuration means that cables are not overlapping and that cams can rotate 340 degrees.

Due to its predator camouflage, the R20 will help you stay hidden in the woods. At the same time, this crossbow will improve your hunting score by offering devastating accuracy. You guessed it; the secret lies in an illuminated 1.5-5x3l2mm scope. Also, Ravin R20 comes with a textured pistol grip, anti-dry fire, and built-in sling mounts. Plus, you’ll receive 3x branded arrows and a removable magnetic cocking handle. All in all, the R20 will not disappoint even the most demanding of hunters.

5. Excalibur Assassin 400 TD

In the end, we wanted to present one of the newest models on the market. Yes, the eye-catching Excalibur Assassin 400 TD appeared in 2020. As such, this crossbow is jam-packed with the latest technological advances.

For example, the Assassin 400 TD delivers up to 400 FPS. Hence, the number in the name, duh. The power of this crossbow comes from High-Output Express Limbs that have Armor Tips on them. On top of that, the Assassin comes equipped with a Tact-100 scope.

Design-wise, this model is within the industry standards regarding weight and length. To be precise, it weighs 7.9 lbs, while the overall length goes up to 33 inches. When cocked, the Assassin 400 TD is 20.5 inches wide. Most importantly, this device has a Quick-Lock technology that allows effortless takedown when the hunting session is over.

Also, we should mention that the Excalibur Assassin 400 TD comes with a rifle-grade two-stage trigger. And it also has a silent charger crank that comes integrated into the body of the crossbow. Thus, you can load the arrows in silence and shoot your shot without being spotted.