POC is a Swedish company, dedicated to making the best safety gear possible for cyclists and extreme sports. As with so many things Swedish, their gear finds the perfect fusion of form and function, looking sleek and modern while still offering ample protection for whatever impact might be thrown your way. Enter the Tectal Bike Helmet.

The POC Tectal is a mountain bike helmet, designed for enduro and aggressive downhill riding on the toughest of trails. It’s made from the classic EPS foam shell, which comes from POC’s road helmet designs, designed in one piece for structural integrity. It is also paired with an outer polycarbonate shell. A cool feature of the Tectal is the aramid bridge system, lifted from POC’s Trabec helmet. Aramid is a very strong, heat-resistant synthetic fiber, and by creating a grid of aramid fiber in key areas of the helmet, they are able to provide some durability and reinforcement that might otherwise be missing. The helmet shell provides ample coverage, especially in the sides and rear, so the back of your head is always well-protected.

POC also did a good job of integrating all kinds of ventilation, placing them to allow air to flow through the helmet easily and keep your head cool. They also designed a handy one-handed adjustment system, making it easy to adjust without taking the helmet off or getting off your bike. And the splitters aren’t adjustable, so they won’t slide up and down and annoy your ear.

At 340g, it’s a lightweight, super-comfy helmet with easy adjustment, tons of coverage in the rear, and lots of ventilation. All while being reasonably priced. A great helmet for all-mountain riding and downhill.

POC-Tectal-Helmet-1 POC-Tectal-Helmet-2 POC-Tectal-Helmet-3