What’s to like about them:

  • Super lightweight
  • Patented stretchy fabric
  • Six pockets
  • Versatile design
  • Moisture-wicking material

A reliable and durable pair of pants is essential for many of our day-to-day activities. And yet, the task of finding the perfect model for summer months can be easier said than done. The crowded market provides loads of options, but few of those pants can meet our demanding criteria.

Well, there was one pair of pants that exceeded our expectations. Yes, we are talking about Western Rise Evolution Men’s Pants, so let’s take a closer look at this item.

Versatility at its best

First of all, we must mention that Evolution Pant offers a fantastic range of use. In other words, you can wear these pants next time you go hiking or backpacking during the summer. At the same time, Western Rise Evolution will make you feel comfortable on long travels.

Admittedly, these lightweight pants might not be the best choice during sub-zero temperatures. After all, Western Rise Evolution is a 3-season model, so keep this in mind for your winter expeditions. On the other hand, these pants come with a “techy” design, which makes them perfect for the office as well.

Supplex fabric

Among other things, these pants are ultra-breathable and super-lightweight. The secret lies in the use of innovative, patented material. To be precise, Western Rise decided to use Supplex fabric as the basis for the Evolution.

In essence, Supplex is a stretchy fabric, made with 96% of high-grade nylon. It feels like cotton, and the air-textured surface provides softness at all times. Plus, no swish sound will accompany your walks in these pants. Thus, this innovative material provides comfort and flexibility at the same time.

Dynamic and durable

Western Rise Evolution Pant comes with reinforced stitching and a gusseted crotch. On top of that, these pants are stretchy and flexible. So, Evolution should allow you to move freely and perform all sorts of tasks with ease.

Water-resistant material also provides UV protection. Likewise, the breathability of the fabric helps with temperature regulation. All in all, these pants are durable and functional. They can sustain a lot of wear and tear. At the same time, Western Rise Evolution comes equipped with six pockets. Of course, four standard ones are available, together with a media pocket on the front and a hidden one at the back.

Should you buy it?

As you can see, these practical and travel-oriented pants are a perfect gift for an active man. Designed in Colorado, the stylish Evolution model follows a do-it-all approach. Well-designed pants are a dream for any dynamic individual, and this model ticks all the boxes for being the ultimate summer pant.

As we said, the lightweight fabric might not be the best choice for the winter. But when the sun is high up in the sky, you will not go wrong by wearing the fantastic Western Rise Evolution Pant.