What’s to like about it:

  • Filled with 625-fill duck down
  • Top-notch insulation
  • Removable Coyote fur
  • Adjustable hood
  • Loads of storage space in the pockets

Are you getting ready to hit the slopes and try that snowmobile ride you always dreamed about? In case you are, a warm jacket is a must-have. Likewise, shoveling snow in the driveway will be much more pleasant if you put on a burly parka.

Well, we’ve got just the right product for you. Even though it comes with a steep price tag, the fantastic Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka is worth every penny! Here’s why you need to have this item as a part of your winter wardrobe.

Excellent Heat Retention

As the name implies, this model is perfect for winter expeditions in inhospitable conditions. This beast of a jacket will let you face the cold without any fears or concerns. Why do we say this?

Well, Canada Goose has equipped this winter jacket with 625-fill duck down. The outer shell is 85% polyester and 15% cotton. Plus, the outside layer comes coated with a DWR treatment, which will protect you from snow and sleet. All told, the Expedition Parka offers unmatched insulation and heat retention.

Comfort and adjustability

Speaking of heat, we should warn you that this piece of winter wardrobe has a specialized purpose. The reason hides in the superior insulation, which is both a blessing and a curse. What this means is that this parka quickly becomes too warm if you move around too much. It does not limit mobility per se, but it heats up super-fast.

On the other hand, Canada Goose Expedition Parka offers superb adjustability. For example, the removable Coyote fur on the hood is a convenient detail. The same applies to the snow skirt, which will let you ride that snowmobile hassle-free. What’s more, the hood comes with a three-way drawcord. Also, the rib-knit cuffs provide a snug fit at all times.

Lots of pockets

During harsh winters and brutal weather, you want to have everything within reach to boost efficiency and get back inside as soon as possible. That is why you’ll be glad to hear that Canada Goose Expedition Parka comes equipped with lots of oversized pockets.

First of all, there are 4x zipped compartments on the exterior, as well as 4x Velcro pockets inside. On top of that, this parka comes with 2x arm compartments and 1x zipped interior pocket. All of these storage spaces have burly closures, which are easy to grasp while wearing winter gloves.

Should you buy it?

If you are in the market for a premium winter jacket to protect you from extreme weather, look no further than Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka. After all, this high-end model offers fantastic insulation and protection against freezing temperatures.

Few winter jackets on the market can compete with this model when it comes to heat retention. So, if you want to tackle heavy snowfall and even blizzards, this parka is a no-brainer.