Dolby is famous for their rich sound, usually found in the movies and other cinematic experiences. We’re sure their headphones are just as good. The Dolby Dimension are essentially the perfect pair of headphones – wireless, stylish, noise-cancelling, and with totally incredible sound. They’re designed to bring the cinematic experience of the movie theater to your home, and they deliver.

Their first attraction is Dolby LifeMix, a technology that delivers both enhanced sound (called Transparency) and Active Noise Cancellation, allowing you to be “immersed but not isolated” and fully aware of what is happening around you while still hearing everything around you; it’ll even boost ambient sounds to be sure you hear them. Pair that with some movie-theater level sound quality for a truly engrossing experience.

Further features for making life easier include the ability to effortless switch between any Bluetooth device you have; connect more than one at once, and just switch between them by using the intuitive touch controls, integrated right into the side of the headphones. Do everything from toggle songs, skip, rewind, etc. There’s also a Dolby Dimension app, which will let you do all the same things as well as manage your devices and toggle low power mode. Let’s not forget the ability to make calls and use Siri or Google Assistant as need be. They also charge in a way very few other headphones do; with an included Power Base dock. Just sit them on there and they will charge fully in less than two hours.

All in all? A sweet pair of headphones that look as good as they sound, and have virtually everything you could need from, smart features to noise-cancelling. The real question is, can you afford the $599 price tag?

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