Sliding windows and doors have ceased to be an unusual interior item. Their advantages were appreciated not only by residents of cottages and country houses but also small apartments. Such systems save space when opening. Thus, even in a small space, you can increase the light transmission, significantly saving space.

Metal-plastic sliding windows are energy-efficient and increase the level of noise insulation. Their only negative feature is the high cost of fittings. This criterion does not allow consumers to abandon the more primitive tilt-and-turn systems and order sliding balconies and windows instead of them. However, such systems are quite versatile, so everyone will find the appropriate solution.

Varieties of Sliding Systems

Here are the most popular types of sliding windows and doors:

  1. Parallel-sliding systems

Such systems are gradually gaining popularity among customers. They do not occupy a useful area in the room, and when opening there is no need to move the curtains. You can find high-quality sliding windows, the price of which is largely determined by the cost of the fittings used. Sliding systems are ideal for balconies, loggias, and terraces. They are sealed, easy to use, and have increased burglar protection. They have excellent aesthetic performance and are distinguished by an optimal opening trajectory.

  1. Accordion type systems

This is a unique technological solution, which is preferred by the owners of private houses and corporate buildings. Such a system allows you to turn a simple window into the artwork. Such a window can be easily opened and closed tightly, and airing turns into a real pleasure. Due to the features of the “accordion” system, it is possible to install these systems in a balcony, loggia, terrace, office, and other rooms. Such a design is very easy to care for, but it needs timely lubrication.

  1. Frameless systems

This is the most modern system that has an attractive appearance and allows you to solve any design problems. It is almost solid construction, which consists of tempered glass of 8 mm thickness. These are the most stylish sliding systems, which are reliably fixed due to a layer of transparent sealant. Movable rollers are fixed on the lower and upper linings, and the sashes move smoothly along the guides.

When closed, the system does not allow moisture and dust to pass through. An important advantage is the safety of glasses. They are made using special technology, so if broken, they break up into tiny, non-sharp pieces that cannot hurt. By choosing such a system, you will have a full panoramic view, although the price of it is quite high.

Which Sliding System to Select?

If you have decided to buy sliding windows for your home, you should study the varieties of existing systems and determine the best option for yourself. Simple parallel-sliding systems are appropriate in apartments and private houses. The accordion systems are more in demand by owners of cottages. They are not installed in small openings but are great for terraces and winter gardens. With the help of frameless systems, you can create a huge panoramic window in the bedroom or living room.