The new Pentax K-1 Mark II is out, and it’s a terrific 35mm full-frame DSLR for a decent price (about $2000). But right now, Ricah is offering an incredible offer for those of you who already own a K-1 – you can trade in your K-1 and get the new MKII for only $550. Yup, almost 75% off.

Talk about a deal. Let’s take a look at what the new K-1 Mark II offers. Well, it’s got the full-frame sensor, offering 36-megapixels, and can record in 1080p HD. 4k would be nice, but at this price, maybe too much to ask at the moment).  They’ve given it a PRIME IV processor, with 14-bit imaging, and their new original Accelerator Unit, for fast, clear images with little noise. ISO goes up to ISO 819200, which allows for some pretty great low-light shooting.

The Mark II packs all the great features the original K-1 did, and that you’ve come to expect from them: , Shake Reduction II, AA Filter Simulator, AstroTracer, Pixel Shift Resolution II, Flexible Tilt LCD, Composition Adjustment , Auto Horizon Correction, Smart Function, Operation Assist Light, Red Light LCD, TAv Shutter/Aperture Priority. This makes it an excellent camera for those of us who need a little help from our camera, and for professionals with challenging situations and subjects.

Pixel Shift Resolution II is a particularly cool high-tech feature; by detecting camera shake and shifting the image sensor by a single pixel, the processor is able to capture 4 different images of the same picture and then combining them, resulting in a much higher-resolution, better, brighter colors, and clearer details, with less noise. It works well even in low light and without a tripod.

Overall it’s a great upgrade to the original Pentax K-1, and we’re excited to see it a try. So go ahead and take the opportunity for fantastic deal and trade in your old one. The deal only includes the body, but Pentax will be releasing a 28-105mm F3.5/5.6 kit too.

Buy - $1,996.00
Pentax-K-1-Mark-II-Rear Pentax-K-1-Mark-II-Screen