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Ninja Coffee Bar – The Coffeemaker That Changes the Way You Brew

Ninja Coffee Bar Coffeemaker

A kitchen is incomplete without a sleek functional coffee/espresso contraption to adorn those granite countertops.  The Ninja Coffee bar allows you to enjoy all your favorite coffeehouse brews from home. With a variety of brew types and sizes, a built-in frother, and tons of delicious coffee recipes, you may never have to pay $5 for a cup of coffee again. This coffeemaker will cause you to reimagine how you brew.

The next-generation Ninja Coffee Bar® is more than a coffeemaker. It’s a coffee system—complete with a variety of brew types and sizes, a built-in frother, and tons of delicious coffee recipes you can create and enjoy at home.

Cafe Forte

Ninja’s unique brewing technology amplifies each bean’s unique, subtle flavor.

Built-in Frother

Transform hot or cold milk into silky, rich microfoam to be added to any of your brews.

Pod-Free Single Serve Coffeemaker

Use any ground coffee in the Ninja Coffee bar. The Ninja Coffee bar is a pod-free single serve machine.

Get Multi-Serving

You get more out of your Ninja Coffee Bar with additional accessories like the 22 oz. tumbler.


The Ninja Coffee Bar knows just the right amount of water to draw from the reservoir based on the brew type and size you select. Therefore, all the guesswork is removed.

Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction

The full flavor potential of your favorite ground coffee is unlocked with the patented Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction system.

Take your coffee addiction to a new level. With other popular brands, you are limited to one to three brew settings. With the Ninja Coffee Bar, your creativity and tastes make the system unlimited. Begin with your favorite ground coffee and end with a tasteful cup of joe.

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