Leatherman is known for the trusty built-to-last pocket knives and multi-tools they’ve been creating for decades, ranging from simple knives to eccentric pocket multi-tools. It looks like they have now decided to dive into the watch market with their Leatherman Tread Watch.

Part watch, part multi-tool, the Tread Watch that has thirty tools built into the band, including but not limited to, a flat screwdriver, 6-millimeter box wrench, carbide glass breaker, bottle opener, oxygen-tank wrench and a square drive. There’s also a unidirectional diver’s bezel, as well as luminescent markers to keep things visible. There’s even a built-in link tool for making your own adjustments to the band as you see fit.

Of course, Leatherman runs right in its veins, and ease of use and switching from tool to tool goes without saying. Everything it includes can be put to good use almost every day. It’s waterproof up to two hundred meters deep,  and made from shatterproof 17-4 stainless steel case and links. It also has scratch and shatter resistant sapphire crystal, and the stainless steel build is corrosion resistant. The clasp is adjustable to 1/8 inches, and the battery can power it for up to five years. Yes, five years. This indestructible accessory will last a very long time.

And since this is Leatherman, the Tread Watch strap is backed by a twenty-five-year manufacturer’s warranty. If anything should happen to this piece, they’ll fix it – or the problem. And if you so choose, there is a collection of various straps that can be bought to change the color. These straps can run around $174.85 through the Leatherman site and all contain the same thirty tools.

The watch itself retails for $449.95. And with its sleek design and rugged exterior, the Leatherman Tread Watch is a durable fashion accessory that does a lot more than just tell the time; it may even improve your daily life.


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