As Yeti continues to expand its lineup of outdoor products, they’ve gone ahead and come up with an entirely new product category – camping chairs. The perfect companion to their vast collection of badass coolers. The Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair is an extra-durable, lightweight outdoor chair built to withstand conditions that weak, flimsy chairs can’t. It’s made with  a cast aluminum DoubleBarrel frame – reinforced with two layers of age-hardened aluminum alloy. The joints use what Yeti calls their DieHard Joint Construction, made of cast joints similar to those on a truck door. They’re meant to hold up to extreme weight and pressure. Yeti says they were inspired by other tough metal outdoor gear, such as downhill mountain bike frames, when creating the Hondo’s frame. A Hauler Handle is built into the frame for easy grabbing, lifting and transporting.

The seat fabric is EasyBreathe mesh, 100% breathable and made with FlexGrid, that allows it to hold up to 500 pounds of weight without losing its shape. It does this by eliminating pressure points, spreading the weight evenly across the whole chair. It’s protected by a GridGaurd overmold, which covers it and adds reinforcement to avoid broken seams and tears.

There’s one thing the Hondo isn’t, however, and that’s light: it weighs a hefty 16.5 pounds – without anybody sitting in it. That’s why it’s best for tailgating and bonfires, alongside a Yeti cooler full of cold beers and sandwiches. But you can also load it up in the car for camping and base camp adventures. Hey, there’s no reason you can’t be comfortable while doing those, either. One of these chairs will make sitting around the fire that much better, and it’s surely that much more durable than most other camping chairs.

Buy - $300.00
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