Quit Dropping Your Gear! Get a grip with ingenious rubberized Gear Gripz. GEAR GRIPZ is a textured rubber grip tape designed to enhance the grip and style of your gear. A specially formulated industrial strength adhesive backing allows it to be adhered to all types of surfaces, without harming the product. Gear Gripz is a result of a very successful Kickstarter program and has gone on to be used worldwide.

INSPIRATION: The inspiration for Gear Gripz originated during our search for a way to customize and differentiate our favorite gear. We tried to apply various coatings and spray-on finishes to several different items. Although the look turned out OK, it often compromised the feel of the product. Then one day we stumbled on what would soon become the perfect solution! Over a weekend of chatting among friends and working with the material, the idea of Gear Gripz was born. Not only does Gear Gripz allow you to customize the look, but also it allows you to personalize the feel of your gear.

USES: As you sit and ponder the usefulness of this product, you will likely come up with a few obvious choices right away: phone, tablet, etc. You will be amazed at where you end up putting them once you have them in your hand. There are thousands of uses! Some of the places we have Gear Gripz: lids of containers, sandals (keeps feet from slipping), key fobs, dashboards, boat deck, fishing rod/reel, and the list goes on…..

HOW IT WORKS: Application is fast and easy, and it does not hurt your gear. You apply Gear Gripz using the built-in template design or you can manually place Gear Gripz one at a time. Depending on whether you want to focus on the LOOK or FEEL of your gear, you decide how and where you want to apply it.

These are such a simple concept. Once you apply them, you will wonder how you did without them for so long.

Available in different shapes: Dime, Tread, Honeycomb, and Plain Sheet (customizable). Also available in Black, Gray, and Ice. Get to sticking!

Made in the USA.

Buy - $7.50