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These First Aid Apps Could Save Your Life

First Aid App Could Save Your Life

As an adventurer or survivalist, you know the importance of preparedness. And proper preparedness – whether at home or off the grid – means knowing first aid. Thankfully, there a first aid app for that. There’s a few of them in fact. (They make apps for everything, don’t they?)

There’s no substitute for real first aid training or for expert medical care. But emergencies happen, and there’s always a host of things you can do to do help and mitigate the situation while awaiting first responders. Below, we’ve two invaluable first aid app we think everyone should have on their phone. Hiker, survivalist or everyday bloke, you never know when the tips and practices in these first aids apps will save a life. Maybe even your own.

Credit: American Red Cross

First Aid: Red Cross App

The appropriately-named First Aid from the American Red Cross is your go-to for emergency tips and lessons for any emergency – from natural disasters to infections. You’ll get instructions on how to treat cuts, burns, heart attacks (First – Call 911!), and a whole lot more. All the content is downloadable and available offline, so you can access it anytime and anywhere with a charged phone battery. You can even dial 911 directly from the app, saving valuable seconds in a potentially life-threatening emergency. Snag this app for free on for your iOs  or Android.

Army First Aid from Double Dog Studios

Army First Aid App Screenshot
Credit: Double Dog Studios

This nifty app contains all 600 pages of the Army First Aid manual, right on your phone. Anything you could need to know in a first aid situation – from rescue breathing techniques to setting a broken bone to snake bites – can be found in there. It even provides instructions on how to carry someone in a rescue, and there’s whole reference guides with tips on anatomy, dangerous fish, poisonous snakes and frogs, and poisonous plants, among others. All of it is instantaneously available with a quick search. Download Army First Aid for $1.99 from the App Store.

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