Is there anything more classic – more American – than a broken-in leather baseball glove?  Anything more evocative of summer afternoons as a kid? Probably not. That’s what makes Fielder’s Choice wallets so awesome. They’re all made from vintage baseball gloves, refashioned into something useful for the everyday.

Fielder’s Choice: Classic Wallets, Classic Leather


Right now, Fielder’s Choice has 2 collections available right now – their Classics line and their limited edition 2019 Lowman collection. The Classics line includes a Billfold, a Card Case, Money Clip and Money Clip Card Case. Each is made from a combination of Espresso Dublin, Full Grain, US-sourced steerhide plus the original leather from a vintage glove. Each has its own unique look and sheen, thanks to the original glove’s own character. Originals markings and text from the glove remain.

The Lowman Collection consists of only 125 pieces, each crafted from gloves straight from the collection of Brett Lowman – America’s foremost collector of vintage baseball gloves. They also use some full grain leather in the construction, but all outwardly visible pieces are handcut from some of Lowman’s expansive collection. FC chooses each glove carefully, by hand, for its unique look and character. After sewing, Fielder’s Choice finishes each wallet with their logo stamped in gold leaf.

Special Edition Wallets


There are 46 unique billfolds, 37 card cases, and 42 money clip card cases available in the Lowman Collection. They sold out quickly last time, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Classic pieces of Americana with modern appeal. Whether you’re a baseball fan, a fan of vintage leather, or just looking for something different for your wardrobe, one of these wallets would make an excellent addition to your kit.